We Greet you with the love of the Lord. In welcoming you, we share with you what we believe God is calling us to be and to do.

You can then discover where you would best be able to share your gifts within the community. We believe that God is calling us to be a loving, caring and sharing family. Our motivation is not just to do good deeds in their own right, but to respond to the love of Jesus which we have experienced. This love means that all members of our family will seek to become closer followers of our Lord. We must be growing spiritually and by the grace of God become vital, vibrant members in the body of Christ.

May your participation in the family of St Stephen's be blessed and fruitful as we strive to extend the Kingdom of our Lord in this place.

Yours in Christ

Revd Trevor Prince


"We seek to be a growing, loving family of Christian people, worshiping, sharing and increasing the knowledge of God in the community"

St Stephen’s Church, Sunninghill, is a vibrant parish which was established 1996 and a church was built in 2005. The current rector, Revd Trevor Prince, started in the Parish in 2000, and has brought stability while the community has grown.  The congregation is an eclectic, rainbow mix of people from various backgrounds, wealthy and modest.

While maintaining the Anglican tradition in many ways, the worship style today is an inclusive one that does not follow a set pattern. We delight in having a variety of traditional, contemporary as well as vernacular songs that speak to the diverse congregation who worship together.  We have been blessed with a traditional pipe organ which resonates deep within during the playing of old hymns and very often the delightful beat of the marimbas fill our church.